Ocean Wong

University of Birmingham MSc Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors graduate;
PhD candidate working with UK Atomic Energy Authority on fusion neutron spectra unfolding;
Avid problem solver.

Welcome to my website!

This is where I display my side projects.

I am a strong advocate for intuitive understanding of the fundmanemtal science (physics/mathematics) behind the problem rather than blind computation; but at the same time I advocate automation for replicability, accuracy and efficiency.
Python is my weapon-of-choice for attacking difficult, real-world problems, when all mathematical approaches has been exhausted.

Other projects

Not all of my software and mathematical projects are easy/fun to visualise; but embedded among those not showcased are skills which some people (employers *wink wink*) may find interesting.


Photo of me sitting in a clearing in the forest

Learn more about my qualifications and experiences.

More about me

Oh you're still here! Well, I have exhausted all of the content that I can present to you. I suppose I can tell you more about myself:
Growing up, I was an intensely inquisitive child with a strong interest in STEM, especially physics. After spending 17 years in Hong Kong, I came to England to start my University education.
I graduated from the University of Birmingham from my BSc (3 years) and MSc (1 year, distinction); That's where I developed a love for Parkour and Python.
My life goal was to contribute to the development of nuclear fusion as an energy source, and I'm quite glad to say that I have gotten to where I wanted to be, and I'm fairly satisfied with where I am. Content, but not complacent.